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Saving Bird Habitats, Is It Important?
By Joan Barton
Bird habitats usually consisting of trees bushes and grasses, essential ecosystems for our earth providing air filters to help the fight against global warming and food and shelter in a bird habitat. More>>>

Exploring The Canadian Wilderness By Canoe
By Erik Rasmussen
A large portion of Canada's landscape is made up of endless expanses of evergreen forests, shimmering lakes, and large areas of exposed rock that are some of the oldest rocks on the entire planet (over 3 billion years old in places). This geographical region is known as the Canadian Shield. More>>>

Amazing Monarch Butterfly
By Manisha Kumar
One of the easiest recognizable of all species is the stunning Monarch Butterfly. The beautiful black, gold, orange, and yellow markings make it simple to spot in any location. They are sometimes called "milkweed" butterflies because milkweed is used to feed their larvae. More>>>

Create a Butterfly Habitat
By Cheryl Steins
Although you may see many butterflies everywhere you go, many species are on the decline due to loss of natural habitats. By creating a habitat in your garden you will be inviting the butterflies in and thereby helping to insure the survival of species that might otherwise die out due to loss of habitat. More>>>

Home External Spaces - Provision of Habitats
By Tauqeer Ul Hassan
The habitats of a great amount species of plants, animals and insects have been seriously reduced in recent years. This has occurred through the general decrease in wilderness areas, and the erosion of our countryside by modern agricultural methods, urban encroachment and road building. More>>>

Bulrushes - Not to Be Confused With Cattails
By T Sons
Whenever you hear the word bulrush, do you think of cattails? Oddly enough, most people do. However, there are some differences between the two, although cohabitation is not unheard of. Cattails are known to invade a wetland much faster than bulrushes, taking over large expanses in a single growing season because of their mass quantities of wind-borne seeds. More>>>

Famous Flowers of the Canadian Provinces
By Christina Nielson
Canada is renowned the world over for it's impressive variety of wildflowers and habitats. The sheer variety of flowers found in Canada is partially due to the vast expanse of land and the extreme variations in climate and habitat found across the country. More>>>

Go to the Woods
By Robert A Murphy
When I was young, maybe 6-8, my family lived in a house with a significant field behind it. For those years this field was my playground. I built paths through the tall grass from the garage to the woods a few acres back. More>>>

Keeping Dry on the North Coast Trail
By Gary Ward
If you are hiking or camping on the coast of BC, you are going to have to plan for wet weather, and probably, wet everything that you brought. Some of the coastal hikes in BC are wetter than others because of the Pacific exposure or more northern location.  More>>>

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